46 Units Ice Age Animals And Fiberglass Kids Entertainment Models Finished In Factory 2013

After half a year , we finished all 1st and 2st order of animatronic ice age animals for Brazil customer in factory. This order lasting half a year is not because we need half a year to make these ice age animals in factory but for the reason of ” customer add animals order when 1st finished ” , ” Customer inspecting process in factory ” , ” Quality testing program ” ” Payment issue ” etc….:-)

The order list is : 

DWS125 Snowman 2pcs
DWA033 Polar bear  1pc
DWA033-1 Baby polar bear 1pc
DWA040 Mammoth 1pc
DWA040-1 Baby Mammoth 1pc
DWA028 Penguin Family 4pcs
DWD1750 Saber-toothed Tiger 1pc
DWD1750-1 Baby saber-toothed Tiger  1pc
DWA121 Yeti snowman 1pc
DWA1755 Megatherium 1pc
DWA1756 Glyptodont  1pc
DWA1757 Woolly Rhinoceros  1pc
DWA1759 Giant Beaver 2pcs
DWA033-2 Samll Walking Polar Bear 3pcs
DWA028 Adult Static Penguin  2pcs
DWA028-1 Baby Static Penguin  3pcs
DWA1762 Skating ( Middle ) 15pcs
DWA1763 Skating ( Big ) 5pcs

Alive Looking Ice Age Animal Glyptodont Animatronic Baby Mammoth Animatronic Penguin Family Animatronic Saber-toothed Tiger Animatronic Snowman Baby Penguin Customized Animatronic Yeti Snowman Ice Age Animal Animation Woolly Rhinoceros Ice Age Animals Adult Penguin Ice Age Animals Giant Beaver Kids Riding Model Walking Polar Bear Life Size Ice Age Animal Megatherium Penguin Skating Model Realistic Ice Age Animal Mammoth Realistic Polar Bear Factory Robotic Snowland Snowman Snowlan Skating Aid Walking Animal Polar Bear

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