3 Units Big Animatronic Dinosaurs Ordered By Poland Jurassic Park Customer 2010

Customer in Poland ordered 3pieces big animatronic dinosaurs from us , these dinosaurs will be display in the most attraction place in their park to attract peoples attention.We are going to help customer install the three animatronic dinosaurs in their Jurassic Park in Poland two months later.

Animatronic Dinosaurs Metal Frame Finished In Factory For Poland Customer

T-rex and Spinosaurus metal frame finished

Robotic Dinosaurs Silicon Rubber Skin Finished

Sponge Working Finished

3pieces Animatronic Dinosaurs Order Finished For Poland Jurassic Park In Factory

All three animatronic dinosaurs for Poland customer finished in factory

Animatronic Dinosaurs Loading into 40feet Containers

Packed Poland Customers Animatronic Dinosaurs Into 40feet Container

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