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Tyrannosaurus was truly the Schwarzenegger of dinosaurs

——Kenneth Carpenter

In The New York Times, July 3, 1990. 

Waterproof 3D Dino Model Outdoor Playground Robotic Dinosaur

Our protagonist, the pope of the showbiz in dinosaurs, the Schwarzenegger of the dinosaurs’ world – Tyrannosaurus Rex

Customer from an outdoor amusement park in the UK wants to make a dinosaur in their new location, but they are not specializing in dinosaur theme parks, they want us to give an idea to attract children’s attention in their park. The above is the Tyrannosaurus we made for the British company, we want to express: Did the dinosaurs extinct? No, they are still alive! They are our big pets right now!

Museum Life-size T-rex Animatronic Dinosaur

The picture above is a small private dinosaur museum in Florida. In the beginning, customers asked us about the price of small animatronic dinosaurs because they want to put some small dinosaurs at the door to attract customers’ attention, you must be curious as to why there is a big Tyrannosaurus rushed out of the museum. Yes, this is the construction idea we provided to our customers. What do you think of this special design? Is this idea attract your attention? o((≧▽≦o)

Outdoor High Simulation Life Size Diplodocus Dinosaur

We are not dreamers or utopian sociolist who completely out of the reality.
This realistic diplodocus is placed in the pool at an exhibition center in Spain.
The reason why we choose diplodocus is that it is almost the longest and has the most standard streamlined shape’s dinosaur. That echoes perfectly with the modern complex behind it.

Real Outdoor Scene Simulation & Rainproof & Sunscreen

This is a classic design, we reconstruct a real and common scene in Jurassic world.
In the Dinosaur world, the law of the jungle is the only survival criterion. This is cruel but also educational, making humans think more about who we are, what should we do.

High Quality Museum Equipment Animatronic Exhibition Dinosaur

This is an exhibition. Visitors are amazed by those attractive huge dinosaurs, one miraculous view after another catch their eyes.
Our engineers have their hands full for this exhibition. More than a dozen paleontologies, ranging from a few meters to tens of meters, took almost half a year from start to finish.

T-Rex Jurassic Dinosaur Park Animatronic Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are children’s friends and also enlightenment teachers. In their future, perhaps this amazing creature can inspire them and let them go forward to explore their curiosity bravely.
Our job is try our best to make the most realistic dinosaurs, to give the chance to kids flying their imagination and realizing their pure dream.

Welcome to the lost world

Animatronic Dinosaurs Feature

Who We Are

As a professional manufacturer of animatronic dinosaur models. We have been specializing in this industry more than 10 years. Hige quality models with reasonable price is our purpose.

What Can We Do

When you visit our website for the first time, it will change your understanding of the so-called dinosaur products and create a fierce collision between your needs and your thinking. In fact, we are not just selling products but designing and ideas.

Why Us

Are you looking for something different? Production Case? We invite you to browse our achievements over the past 10 years.

How It Starts

Our sales manager will contact you, we can chat and exchange ideas like friends. We will also provide our previous customer’s cases for your reference. Sometimes you just need to have an idea, our team’s job is to bring your idea to reality.

Realize Your Ideas

What makes the design so enticing? We believe that the answer is the designer. That’s why we hired the best designers and put much attention on this team. Your idea, Your thoughts, Your creativity, Go ahead,try another and share it with our designers now and we can just make it a reality!

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Genius design? Then make it.

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of dinosaurs more than 10 years, and we refuse the shoddy working. Our group has professional graphic design team, sales team, mechanical design team, installation team and after-sales service team.

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This is the most realistic dinosaur skin texture I have ever seen, and it’s impeccable in detail.

Masaru Emoto

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